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Wedding bells for Jessica!

Posted by Angela Harrison in Consultations, Ergonomics, Total Back Care on Friday 29 September 2017


Our Ergonomics Consultant, Jessica, was recently married!  She made a truly beautiful bride & a wonderfully happy day was shared with the whole Total Back Care team.

We wish Jessica & Alex every happiness in their future married life together.

You’ll now need to contact Mrs Jessica Roberts to arrange your Consultations!


New Product Range

Posted by Jessica Roberts in Consultations, Ergonomics, Total Back Care on Friday 1 September 2017


We have recently added several new exciting office accessories to our existing product line. Please book in for a Consultation (see our Consultation fee page) if you wish to trial these at The Studio.

Fixed Angle Document Holder

This document holder offers a fixed angle to reduce neck flexion and keeps documents inline and central to the user. This is great for holding sheets of paper alongside small text books, and can be placed between the monitor and keyboard.


Egg Mouse Pad

What we particularly like about this design, is how its small size can ensure that the pad is placed close to the keyboard, reducing reach distance which is important for those suffering from shoulder pain. Its ‘Egg’ shape follows the natural mousing pattern, which ensures that the mouse always stays on the mat. Additionally, its surface is thermal-insulating which keeps the user’s hand and wrist warm. This promotes blood flow which prevents stiffness, great for those who have any arthritic condition. Furthermore, its surface is also antibacterial and smooth for accurate mouse control.


Egg Mouse Mat

Full Size & Compact Trapezoid Wrist Rest 

This Wrist Rest can be purchased in both the compact and full length size, for both compact and full size keyboards respectively. The Trapezium Ergo Wrist Rest holds the wrists at a height that keeps them properly aligned with the hands. The shape of the Wrist Rest follows the natural arm and wrist position with the soft and firm cushioning gel keeping the wrists fully supported whilst the user is both typing and ‘resting’.

Wrist Rest

Serious pillow talk …

Posted by Angela Harrison in Back Pain, Consultations, Ergonomics, Total Back Care on Friday 11 August 2017


Over the last 22 years, we’ve helped hundreds of people achieve a good nights rest – so important to general well-being but often hard to achieve when suffering with back/neck pain.  If you find yourself bunching up a pillow between your neck & shoulder, chances are your body is screaming out for some proper neck support!

We’re often asked which pillow is ‘best’ & like all ergonomic products, the answer is the one that best supports your body, in the way you sleep. There is no one size fits all solution, how could there be?

The most important features to look out for are cervical alignment & comfort.

If a neck support pillow is doing its job correctly, your spine will be perfectly aligned whilst lying on your side and back.  To achieve this, it needs to provide a shoulder recess so your shoulders fit comfortably under the elevated neck support area.  Additional features like an ear recess & ventilation grooves can  improve comfort.

Pillows come in all shapes & sizes, constructed of various types of foam.  Please know that Memory Foam does not suit everyone, despite the hype!  Many people find it too firm or too hot for them.  In these cases a pillow with an open cell structure, which allows air to circulate more freely, may be more beneficial.  The height of a pillow ‘one or two’ is also hotly debated. It simply depends on the breadth of your shoulders & the height required to achieve cervical alignment (unless other medical conditions need to be factored in).  The only things dictating your choice should be spinal alignment & comfort.

We’re often asked why we don’t sell our neck support pillows online?  It’s because we believe in providing optimal comfort & support for all our clients, on an individual basis.  And the only way to achieve this is to trial a range of suitable equipment under the guidance of our expert Consultants.  It breaks our hearts to see the number of people who waste money buying neck support pillows online, that they haven’t tried out first.  Be careful, as for hygiene reasons pillows are not refundable – would you want a second hand pillow? Furthermore, making the wrong selection can actually do you more harm than good.

Most reputable neck support pillows are guaranteed for 2 years usage.  Do remember though not to use your neck support pillow as a prop for sitting up in bed, as you’ll undoubtedly squash the carefully constructed support within!

At our Edgbaston Studio, you’ll find we have a dedicated area where you can lie down & trial a range of neck support pillows. You judge comfort whilst our Consultants check your spinal alignment. There’s no charge for this service but it’s always best to book an appointment to ensure a Consultant is available to spend some time with you.  Tel: 0121 454 3900.

Why Measurements Alone Are Not Enough

Posted by Angela Harrison in Back Pain, Consultations, Ergonomics, Total Back Care on Friday 28 July 2017

rsz_img_5848 (1)

When recommending an office chair or other specialist equipment, working by measurement alone can only solve part of the problem. A person’s measurements are a good starting point, to narrow down the selection of equipment to try, however this does not take into consideration other factors that are key to the correct selection for the end users requirements.

With our expertise and years in the field, we understand that measuring a person does not factor in the optimization of their comfort and support. At Total Back Care Centre we like to take these both into account.  Just as two people with Size 7 feet often prefer different shoes, people with the same ergonomic measurements often find they prefer different chairs. Seat shape, style of backrest support or armrest positioning can all play a part in comfort felt.  It is also important to consider the range of work the end user is carrying out, how long the end user will be seated and what type of environment they are working in.

Too often, we get called back into companies who have invested heavily in ‘one chair fits all’ refits.  Only to discover that when it comes to back pain at work, there is no such thing!  Each person is a unique build, working in a unique way.  Even where two employees have the same ergonomic range measurements, totally different equipment maybe necessary to relieve or prevent back pain.

Remember, ergonomic ‘fit’ can be measured in centimetres but comfort is far more subjective, particularly when it comes to relieving back pain!

Elly selected for Tanzania Healthcare Project!

Posted by Angela Harrison in Back Pain, Charity, Consultations, Family Business, Total Back Care on Friday 2 June 2017

IMG_5779 Elly Harrison is off to Tanzania this summer having been selected for the Health Care Team of the Cambridge Development Initiative!  CDI is a student-run charity doing practical development work in the schools, slums & wider community of Dar es Salaam. It’s focus is on sustainable development projects in Engineering, Health, Education & Entrepreneurship with Cambridge University students working alongside students from three Universities in Dar es Salaam, ensuring change comes from within the community & can be self-sustained without further input from the UK team.

CDI see the challenge of poverty relief as one that requires innovation and strong community engagement, areas in which students are uniquely well-suited to excel.  In close cooperation with the Tanzanian government and with mentor-ship from luminaries across the UK, CDI contributes fresh ideas to the world of international development.

Total Back Care is proud to be supporting this initiative & if you’d like to help sponsor Elly’s participation & the CDI team’s work, please let us know!  Email:   Tel: 0121 454 3900.

Introduction: Dr Rob Harrison

Posted by Angela Harrison in Consultations, Family Business, Total Back Care on Wednesday 19 April 2017

Lead Consultant Dr Rob Harrison PhD BSc (Hons) 1st Class                                                                                                                               

Rob was an international athlete for over 10 years & European Champion at 800 metres. He regularly pace-maked races for Seb Coe & Steve Cram, including world records for both.  He is a sub 4 minute miler with a best time of 3:53:7  He captained both England & Great Britain teams & spent a further 10 years serving on the England & Great Britain Athletics Team management.


Alongside his athletics career, he  completed a PhD in bio-mechanics, in particular muscle and joint forces in movement.  He then worked in a variety of industries in management roles including health & safety, operations & engineering.

He was able to pull all his knowledge & workplace experience together to join Total Back Care in 1999, taking ownership in 2008.  He has over 17 years experience in the practical application of ergonomic products to relieve/prevent back & neck pain in a multitude of workplace environments.  He regularly works with clients on a regional, national or individual basis & is often asked to critique new ergonomic product concepts.  He also guest lectures on practical applications of ergonomic products for back & neck care for some of our Key Accounts.

Always time for Pilates!

Posted by Angela Harrison in Back Pain, Family Business, Total Back Care on Friday 17 March 2017

rsz_img_5613pilates Angela was recently seen side-planking on top of Table Mountain – the sheer drop behind gave some real core incentive!  We practise what we preach at Total Back Care & Angela is a huge fan of Mat, Reformer & Cadillac Pilates – currently indulging in Barre classes too! Highly recommended.

Customer Feedback

Posted by Jessica Roberts in Consultations, Ergonomics, Total Back Care on Wednesday 22 February 2017

We have been delighted with the recent positive responses we are receiving from our customers. We pride ourselves on giving our customers expert guidance, knowledge and customer service satisfaction.

 “We have worked with Total Back Care for many years – they are always very responsive and willing to try and find solutions to our ergonomic problems.  Their knowledge and expertise is truly valuable and we know we will always receive honest evaluations and opinions from them as well as good quality products.  They are an essential back-up to our in-house DSE Assessors.” Corporate Client 

‘’Great friendly customer services always professional and puts the staff member at ease. The reports and quotations are always received quickly and the equipment recommended is always within reason and they only recommend what is needed. Always happy to give advise by telephone or email.’’ Education 

”Many thanks, and as efficient as ever! The new chair is marvelous thanks. ” Private Client


Sit Stand Height Adjustable Desk Range

Posted by Jessica Roberts in Back Pain, Consultations, Ergonomics, Total Back Care on Thursday 26 January 2017

Our height adjustable sit stand desks can be trialed at our Studio with expert guidance on when these should be used, and correct sitting and standing height. Total Back Care have been supplying and installing height adjustable desks for many years with a very high success rate.

20170126_095159      20170126_095224      20170126_095213

Our favourite includes the Motus desk frame which incorporates a controller that has four memory settings. These can be programmed instantly and easily, offering convenience and flexibility for multi-user applications such as contact centres and hot desk environments. The standard frame is also width-adjustable, accommodating desktop widths from 1200 mm to 1800 mm.

For more information, ring 0121 454 3900

Can you Work Comfortably with a Laptop? Bakker Elkhuizen Repost

Posted by Jessica Roberts in Back Pain, Consultations, Ergonomics, Reposts, Total Back Care on Thursday 5 January 2017

‘The laptop: now indispensable for office life as we know it. With work locations becoming ever more flexible, the laptop is an essential tool for working at home, at the office or on the move. According to the IT & Flexible Working Survey 2014, the laptop is even the most commonly used device among these employees. This is not surprising when considering that the portability of this device makes it so convenient’.


This insightful article posted by Bakker Elkhuizen (accessed January 2017) looks into laptop usage and the importance of using the correct office accessory set up for your laptop. Our images above show a laptop stand that is available for purchase from our Centre. Please click on the following link to access the full article.


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Lead Assessor:
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