New Product Range

Posted by Jessica Roberts in Consultations, Ergonomics, Total Back Care on Friday 1 September 2017


We have recently added several new exciting office accessories to our existing product line. Please book in for a Consultation (see our Consultation fee page) if you wish to trial these at The Studio.

Fixed Angle Document Holder

This document holder offers a fixed angle to reduce neck flexion and keeps documents inline and central to the user. This is great for holding sheets of paper alongside small text books, and can be placed between the monitor and keyboard.


Egg Mouse Pad

What we particularly like about this design, is how its small size can ensure that the pad is placed close to the keyboard, reducing reach distance which is important for those suffering from shoulder pain. Its ‘Egg’ shape follows the natural mousing pattern, which ensures that the mouse always stays on the mat. Additionally, its surface is thermal-insulating which keeps the user’s hand and wrist warm. This promotes blood flow which prevents stiffness, great for those who have any arthritic condition. Furthermore, its surface is also antibacterial and smooth for accurate mouse control.


Egg Mouse Mat

Full Size & Compact Trapezoid Wrist Rest 

This Wrist Rest can be purchased in both the compact and full length size, for both compact and full size keyboards respectively. The Trapezium Ergo Wrist Rest holds the wrists at a height that keeps them properly aligned with the hands. The shape of the Wrist Rest follows the natural arm and wrist position with the soft and firm cushioning gel keeping the wrists fully supported whilst the user is both typing and ‘resting’.

Wrist Rest