Serious pillow talk …

Posted by ANGELA HARRISON in Back Pain, Consultations, Ergonomics, Total Back Care on Friday 11 August 2017


Over the last 22 years, we’ve helped hundreds of people achieve a good nights rest – so important to general well-being but often hard to achieve when suffering with back/neck pain.  If you find yourself bunching up a pillow between your neck & shoulder, chances are your body is screaming out for some proper neck support!

We’re often asked which pillow is ‘best’ & like all ergonomic products, the answer is the one that best supports your body, in the way you sleep. There is no one size fits all solution, how could there be?

The most important features to look out for are cervical alignment & comfort.

If a neck support pillow is doing its job correctly, your spine will be perfectly aligned whilst lying on your side and back.  To achieve this, it needs to provide a shoulder recess so your shoulders fit comfortably under the elevated neck support area.  Additional features like an ear recess & ventilation grooves can  improve comfort.

Pillows come in all shapes & sizes, constructed of various types of foam.  Please know that Memory Foam does not suit everyone, despite the hype!  Many people find it too firm or too hot for them.  In these cases a pillow with an open cell structure, which allows air to circulate more freely, may be more beneficial.  The height of a pillow ‘one or two’ is also hotly debated. It simply depends on the breadth of your shoulders & the height required to achieve cervical alignment (unless other medical conditions need to be factored in).  The only things dictating your choice should be spinal alignment & comfort.

We’re often asked why we don’t sell our neck support pillows online?  It’s because we believe in providing optimal comfort & support for all our clients, on an individual basis.  And the only way to achieve this is to trial a range of suitable equipment under the guidance of our expert Consultants.  It breaks our hearts to see the number of people who waste money buying neck support pillows online, that they haven’t tried out first.  Be careful, as for hygiene reasons pillows are not refundable – would you want a second hand pillow? Furthermore, making the wrong selection can actually do you more harm than good.

Most reputable neck support pillows are guaranteed for 2 years usage.  Do remember though not to use your neck support pillow as a prop for sitting up in bed, as you’ll undoubtedly squash the carefully constructed support within!

At our Edgbaston Studio, you’ll find we have a dedicated area where you can lie down & trial a range of neck support pillows. You judge comfort whilst our Consultants check your spinal alignment. There’s no charge for this service but it’s always best to book an appointment to ensure a Consultant is available to spend some time with you.  Tel: 0121 454 3900.