Why Measurements Alone Are Not Enough

Posted by ANGELA HARRISON in Back Pain, Consultations, Ergonomics, Total Back Care on Friday 28 July 2017

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When recommending an office chair or other specialist equipment, working by measurement alone can only solve part of the problem. A person’s measurements are a good starting point, to narrow down the selection of equipment to try, however this does not take into consideration other factors that are key to the correct selection for the end users requirements.

With our expertise and years in the field, we understand that measuring a person does not factor in the optimization of their comfort and support. At Total Back Care Centre we like to take these both into account.  Just as two people with Size 7 feet often prefer different shoes, people with the same ergonomic measurements often find they prefer different chairs. Seat shape, style of backrest support or armrest positioning can all play a part in comfort felt.  It is also important to consider the range of work the end user is carrying out, how long the end user will be seated and what type of environment they are working in.

Too often, we get called back into companies who have invested heavily in ‘one chair fits all’ refits.  Only to discover that when it comes to back pain at work, there is no such thing!  Each person is a unique build, working in a unique way.  Even where two employees have the same ergonomic range measurements, totally different equipment maybe necessary to relieve or prevent back pain.

Remember, ergonomic ‘fit’ can be measured in centimetres but comfort is far more subjective, particularly when it comes to relieving back pain!