Pillow Care and Maintenance- Sleep Council Repost

Posted by Jessica Roberts in Consultations, Ergonomics, Reposts, Total Back Care on Monday 31 October 2016

We advise that all pillows slept on should be replaced every two years.


A recent article from the Sleep Council (accessed October 2016) states that  ‘your pillows fill up with dead skin, dirt and oils as you use them – and the build-up can actually lead to acne and allergies, experts warn.’

Lisa Artis from the Sleep Council says, ‘When they have lost their ‘loft’, or height, and become lumpy, discoloured or misshapen they should be replaced. ‘A good pillow should hold your head in the correct alignment – that is, in the same relation to your shoulders and spine as if you were standing upright with the correct posture.’

So it may be time to change!