Sit Stand Desks- Part 1 By Jessica Poole

Posted by ANGELA HARRISON in Ergonomics, Total Back Care on Wednesday 4 November 2015

Hello guys! It’s about time I start doing some regular posting on our blog. For my first official post I want to share my dissertation that I completed at Loughborough University.

I decided to delve into the topic of sit stand desks. Sit stand desks have only come into influence within the last several years, despite being around for some time. Total Back Care Centre employees have been using these for a number of years!

So why choose a sit stand desk? We have all seen the latest articles showing that  sitting down for a good portion of the day can lead to; respiratory difficulties (the stooped posture created leads to compression of the lungs), digestion problems (ever feel bloated at work?), obesity, and that’s just to name a few.  A sit stand desk enables the user to electronically raise or lower the desk to the desired height, and create a more dynamic working style.  This therefore should reduce the potential for these problems to occur. Also remember, not two people are the same size and shape and a standard desk will not suit everyone’s needs!

My study enabled me to look comfort, performance and user perception of sit stand desks. I had 4 user groups; Total Back Care Centre staff members, clients from Total Back Care Centre, novice users (users who have never used a sit stand desk) and staff members from Loughborough University who have had their sit stand desk for several months.

A culmination of qualitative data was gathered including questionnaires and interviews to look at these areas. Total Back Care Centre staff members also participated in a two week log book trial, recording sit stand desk usage.

My next blog post will reveal the results from this study.