Don’t Fall into the Internet Trap!

Posted by Jessica Roberts in Back Pain, Birmingham, Consultations, Edgbaston, Ergonomic Office Chair, Ergonomics, Ergonomics specialist, Family Business, Neck Pain, Sit Stand Desk, Total Back Care, West Midlands on Tuesday 23 May 2023

You may have heard the saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’, and this has certainly applied to clients we have seen at our Centres over the years. It is important to be careful when selecting chairs and office accessories based on the word ‘ergonomic’ alone as this can be very misleading, if not properly understood. With very little guidance, it may be confusing to choose equipment for your needs.

We have seen clients who have purchased chairs which may in fact exacerbate conditions due to unsuitable and non supportive features. Incorrect arms, seat depth and backrest support just to name a few.

That is why, at Total Back Care we ensure you physically see and try the equipment during your Consultation. Our expert Consultants carefully guide you through equipment features and offer advice/recommendations based on your needs. We have a full range of office chairs, office accessories and desk options across our Centres.