Movement Key for Back Pain Relief

Posted by Jessica Roberts in Back Pain, Birmingham, Consultations, Edgbaston, Ergonomic Office Chair, Ergonomics, Ergonomics specialist, Occupational Health, Sit Stand Desk, Total Back Care on Monday 3 April 2023

Have you ever experienced stiffness and pain when seated for a length of time? Do you often struggle to move from your chair after several hours of being seated? It may be simply that you are sitting and staying static for longer than you should and this is your bodies way of telling you.

We often hear stories from our Clients who sit for hours on end and consequently exacerbate their conditions.

To counteract this, we recommend moving away from your work area every hour and taking a micro break. Other options include movement mechanisms built within chairs, which provide a more dynamic way of working whilst seated. This may be highly beneficial for those who are unable to move away from their desk regularly.

Sit stand desks also offer a change in movement by encouraging sitting and standing. Desk options can include pre-set height controls at just the touch of a button to aid regular movement. This seamlessly takes you from optimum seating height to optimum standing height. You may find particular tasks better suited for being seated and others standing.

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