Keep Supported When Travelling

Posted by Jessica Roberts in Back Pain, Consultations, Ergonomics, Total Back Care on Tuesday 17 July 2018

With the school/summer holidays around the corner, most of you may be gearing up to go on a summer holiday. Why not book in a consultation for your car? As many of us may be travelling long distances to get to airports or holiday destinations, it is important that you do not start the holiday off with back pain!

We do additional portable back supports (e.g. our Rest a Back) that can be used for aeroplanes and trains, and any other sort of seating that you may use on holiday. Selection of our products include:

The Backfriend Back is a very versatile back support that can be used on multiple backrest seating arrangements. This adds support to the lumbar region, thereby opening your posture and preventing ‘slumping’.

A Slimline wedge will provide a pelvic tilt ensuring the hips are higher than the knees, and thus taking strain away from the lower back. This wedge is ideal in the car where seats are often bucketed (for safety reasons) with the knees a lot higher than the hips. Therefore, the seat angle can be reduced.  Also, where head room is minimal if the roofing height is lower down, or the person is tall. The wedge includes a fixing strap and is also available with a discrete coccyx cut out.

As many are taking Staycations this year, it is important to remember your neck support pillow to ensure a supportive and good night’s sleep. Often hotels/villas provide poor quality pillows. These can be freely trialled at our Centre under the expert guidance of Jessica or Rob.

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