Product of the Month- PenAgain

Posted by Jessica Roberts in Ergonomics, Total Back Care on Tuesday 4 October 2016

A pen is an item that most of us use on a daily basis with little thought on how we hold it. For those suffering from arthritis in the fingers, gripping a pen may be challenging, as inflammation and stiffness can cause little mobility within the hand. The Pen Again is an ergonomically styled pen with a patented rocket style design that allows the user to have tension free writing. Due to the design, the natural weight of the hand gives enough downward force to apply ink to paper.

Dr Rob Harrison at Total Back Care has been trialing the pen for several weeks (as seen below) and has found a difference from a normal pen. He states that the pen takes time to get used to, but is beneficial for arthritic users.

20161004_092634       20161004_092707      20161004_092749


These pens are available as Total Back Care Centre.