Product of the Month- Pillows

Posted by Jessica Roberts in Back Pain, Consultations, Ergonomics, Total Back Care on Wednesday 17 August 2016

Having a supportive pillow can alleviate and prevent many forms of neck and shoulder conditions, as well as other forms of joint pain. An article from Spine Health (accessed 17th August 2016) believes that pillow support is crucial for spine problems.

It’s a product that all of us will use every night, but one where only a few will consider the correct pillow to sleep on. Whilst most of us take more care when choosing a mattress, pillows can often be a quick decision. Having an incorrect pillow can lead to all kinds of neck conditions. Those with an arthritic neck condition should stay clear from memory foam as this can cause further damage.

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With this in mind, at Total Back Care Centre we offer a range of pillows that can be trialed in our private bedding area. It is important to consider the depth of pillow that you need for both side and back sleeping.

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