Product of the month- Slimline wedge

Posted by Jessica Roberts in Back Pain, Ergonomics, Total Back Care on Thursday 28 April 2016

For this month’s product of the month I have chosen a slimline wedge to introduce. This ingenious wedge will provide a pelvic tilt ensuring the hips are higher than the knees, and thus taking strain away from the lower back. This wedge is ideal in the car where seats are often bucketed (for safety reasons) with the knees a lot higher than the hips. Therefore, the seat angle can be reduced.  Also, where head room is minimal if the roofing height is lower down, or the person is tall.

wedge front view   wedge side view

This wedge can also be used on office chairs and domestic seating etc.  Additionally, great when the need is felt for just a little added support to ease muscle tension in the lumbar region. The wedge includes a fixing strap and is also available with a discrete coccyx cut out.