Product of the Month- HAG Quickstep- By Jessica Poole

Posted by ANGELA HARRISON in Ergonomics, Total Back Care on Thursday 25 February 2016

I would like to focus on a single product each month, giving information and a review. This month looks at the HAG Quickstep. As I have been recommending a lot of these recently, I thought I would use this as my first product.









This footrest uses movement through a rocking motion which helps stimulate circulation and allows the leg muscles to stretch. Ridges on either side of the footrest can provide grip for shoes. This footrest can be used two different ways. The first way is with the flat base at the bottom and the ‘hump’ shaped top acting as a support. Or this can be turned upside down in order to achieve a rocking motion. The dual features mean that you can use this in both a static and dynamic position, which can be intermittently changed throughout your working day, if you so wish.


Footrests are normally used for people’s feet who cannot reach the bottom of the floor with their chair (generally 5 ft 5 and under). We additionally recommend this footrest for those who have an arthritic condition, but this can be used by anyone who likes to keep their feet active.

I personally feel this product is great!