To have a good nights sleep- posture and quality matter- By Jessica Poole

Posted by ANGELA HARRISON in Back Pain, Consultations, Total Back Care on Tuesday 24 November 2015

Last week, I was fortunate to have an overnight visit to our bed supplier based in Leeds. Here I learnt all about mattress production, and was highly impressed by what goes into their beds. Their high quality mattresses are made with materials from their farm and local suppliers- sheep’s wool, hemp and flax, in addition to layers of springs (different thicknesses determine gentle, medium and firm) to create a supportive and comfortable bed.

Everyone on the training course stopped at Hornington Manor overnight (where their farm is based) to trial a bed for our selves, and was I impressed!

Jess Picture

With all this newfound knowledge, why not visit our centre (appointment needed) if you are thinking about replacing your mattress? I can look at your posture, and advice which mattress firmness suits you best. Remember heavier people don’t always need a firm mattress and light people don’t always need a gentle mattress.

It is important to spend time with us to make sure you are happy with your decision. Bring comfortable clothing, and possibly book an appointment in the morning to make sure you are feeling refreshed. Any bed will feel good come later on in the day!

A good nights sleep is vital for our well being so why settle for anything less?